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Joyful Cafe started when 2 moms of young adults with significant disabilities  began to think, "What will my kids do, once they "age out" of the special education system?" Many other families wonder the same thing, as there are limited employment opportunities for people who have disabilities and need a little extra support in the workplace. A mutual friend put the 2 families together, and magic began to happen!

Healthpoint, a health club and rehabilitiation center run by Wooster Community Hospital, was interested in having a retail coffee shop located within their space.  When they heard our dream, they thought their space might be the perfect place for a coffee shop that employed young adults with significant disabilities.  We agreed!

Joyful enterprises, a 501c-3 non-profit organization, was set up to help fund the coffee shop.  Local teachers, whose student with special needs operate coffee shops within their schools, offered their knowledge and skills.

 Renovations have taken place to turn an unused portion of Healthpoint into a great place where good coffee comes with something more: the joy of young people with disabilities who are excited to work, and a sense of community as friends gather around a cup of coffee or a healthy bite to eat.  Stop by and visit us!

We hope you become part of our story!

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